Well Glen Burnie, winter is here! The first snowfall is upon the area tonight and tomorrow.

Predictions show Glen Burnie, MD getting a wintry mix tonight, then 1 to 3 inches of snow Saturday. It will drop down to 32 degrees tonight and stay nice and low with a high of 35 for Saturday

Winter Stories

Safe Driving Tips

Wintry mixes can bring black ice and horrible road conditions. Stay safe if you choose to go out and brave the roads. Use some of these tips

Check For Cancellations and Closings

Don’t send your students to the bus stop and let them stand out there for 30 minutes before they realize it’s not coming. Check out this site for school closings and delays.

Is Your Home Prepared For Snow?

Safety should be the top concern. Prepping your house for snow is a way to make it safer. Plenty of unthought of issues can arise in the house when snow starts to fall. Don’t get stuck.

Have Fun In The Snow!

Snow can be one of the most entertaining weather conditions for kids. Here are a couple activities the whole family can participate in together.

Have a good time, Glen Burnie