Murder mysteries are about as timeless as theatre itself. Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes, and other such names bring to mind the daring adventures of sleuths and the villains they must hunt.

Who is Do or Die Mysteries?

Do or Die Mysteries is a murder mystery/ dinner theatre troupe that is celebrating their 25th year of business. Though their shows are not good for children’s birthday parties, adult audiences have been delighted by their comedic antics and charming mysteries.

Not only have they been in business for 25 years, but they were also a nominee for Best Professional Improv Troupe. They offer custom scripts and have a 5-star yelp review. All in all, they seem charming and delightful.

They have thirteen actors in their troupe lead by CJ Crowe, who is named their “Criminal Mastermind”. The other members of the troupe span a variety of ages and experience levels, but every single bio is amusing to read if not a little exaggerated for comedic effect.

What Does Do Or Die Mysteries Do Exactly?

They are a theatre troupe that performs murder mystery shows at various venues. Their content comes in a variety of themes and topics from the general to specialized holiday shows and so on. Above all, this troupe brings comedy to everything they do.

What make their shows interesting are the level to which the audience can get involved. They stress that if you don’t want to participate, you don’t have to. They also encourage anyone who wants to get involved to do so. Audiences are invited to interview the suspects and could potentially become a suspect themselves.

As far as which shows they offer, the list is enormous. Their show descriptions page is chock full of entries and you can look through them here. However, they also have a special, Edgar Allen Poe-themed event called “Poe’s Last Stanza” which focuses on the history of the poet as well as his more intimate life. You can see what people have been saying about it below.

So, How Can You See Do Or Die Mysteries in Action?

Tickets usually run about $58.50 for their public shows, but the price includes dinner and the show. To see their upcoming events, take a look at their website’s event page.

Overall they offer a unique evening to spend on a date or out with friends. Enjoy a few laughs, some good food, and an intriguing mystery with Do Or Die Mysteries.