Nestled in the heart of Glen Burnie sleeps a very special piece of our nation’s history and ongoing advancement. Yes! It’s the National Electronics Museum! This super cool spot is home to many a fascinating specimen of electronic technology, so let’s check it out.

Who knows, you might learn something!

The Origins of the Museum

The National Electronics Museum opened its doors in 1980, though the idea came about back in 1973. The founder, Robert Dwight, was once an employee of the Westinghouse Defense and Electronics Systems Center in Baltimore. He actively participated in an event known as Family Day for the company.

He put together a little display of 3 airborne radars as examples of the past, the present, and the future. The attendees of Family Day found the display quite exciting and thus, the museum saw its very first moments.

Later on, in 1983, Westinghouse provided Wright with a 2,000 sq ft facility to mount his displays of progress. The museum has only grown from there.

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Exhibits at the Museum

There are both permanent and rotating exhibits at the museum that you can explore. The Fundamentals Gallery gives people the opportunity to become part of a human battery as well as provides examples of how electromagnetic waves help us cook, use cell phones, and see into space.

There are also gallries dedicated to communications, 3 galleries showcasing radar equipment through the ages, and a ton of other cool items including the Norden Bombsight from WW2, pictured below.

The famous Norden bomb site of #WW2

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Along with their permenant exhibits, they also have rotating exhibits throughout the year. Currently, they’re showcasing the work of Thomas Edison. They also have a space for NeedleChasers of Chevy Chase where they are showing off their amazing quilts.

Events at the Museum

There are a lot of events that take place at the National Electronics Museum throughout the year. Some of the notable ones include:

Pioneer Camp

Pioneer Camp has two sessions. One is in late July and the other is in early August. Each camp offers two days of education and fun for kids between 8 and 11 years of age. This year’s camp will have a space theme!

Robot Fest

Every April, all things robotics come to the museum to buzz, whir, and impress audiences. Along with hands on workshops and special exhibits, you can come and meet other people interested in robots of all kinds!

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Electronica Music Fest

This year, on November 3rd, there will be an epic concert of the electronic variety. Previous performers have included BLK TAG, Gone Coastal, Audio Mace, Geoff Wilt, and Kevsab.